Leveraging Funnel Freedom With Super Affiliate Amy Hiers

Funnel Freedom isn’t just another tick off the list of marketing software. It’s more than a resource; it’s an opportunity – a mechanism for storytellers to elevate their game in the affiliate marketing realm.

This video examines a deep-dive, hands-on session between Jonathan, the software’s creator, and Amy Hiers, a super affiliate for Legendary Marketer, as she transitions from systems like ClickFunnels and Systeme.io to embrace Funnel Freedom.

Jonathan Montoya Guides Amy Hiers to Set Up Funnel Freedom

The software has the unique ability to reduce your workload significantly.

It comes pre-loaded with complete affiliate programs, attention-grabbing funnels, follow-up emails for a year, and more.

All you have to do is input your affiliate links that uniquely connect to your account. An appealing twist here is that it’s all set up so that the system takes over with only a one-time setup and auto-updates the links in all the emails.

Amy’s journey with Funnel Freedom was as real and raw as possible.

Diving headfirst into her Funnel Freedom account setup, Jonathan assisted Amy in configuring the custom settings. Subtly highlighting the irrelevance of tech infatuation, Jonathan shows how the software, with its “do-it-for-you” mechanism, can make the affiliate marketing venture less cumbersome and more lucrative.

What Can Funnel Freedom Do For You?

Funnel Freedom paves the way for you to promote high-ticket products at the back end. It’s not just about directing your audience to an affiliate offer but giving them useful content while warming them up for potential purchases.

While they get invaluable knowledge, you benefit from promoting through your link embedded on the page. Although the software creator’s videos are initially used, the ultimate aim is for you to replace them with your own.

Funnel Freedom seamlessly imports the pages from ClickFunnels or any other funnel builder you’ve been using, eradicating the need to rebuild them manually.

The software significantly trims down the time and effort required to switch your affiliate marketing system.

Moreover, Funnel Freedom also allows for the customization of emails and includes a robust email scheduling feature, allowing you to automate your email marketing efforts, saving you time, and making your processes efficient.

Another ingenious work of the software is its ability to brand the opt-in pages. Allowing you to upload your photo, the system then automatically integrates it, adding that personal touch that your audience relates to.

Moreover, the platform hosts your videos, sweeping away the necessity for external video hosting platforms like Vimeo.

Funnel Freedom Drawbacks, in Amy Hiers Opinion

Bringing to light the unparalleled functionality of Funnel Freedom, Amy also lets in on the common misconceptions and concerns infusing the minds of affiliate marketers.

She pondered on the relevance of tags, specifically ‘buyer tags’ in Systeme.io, and the possibility of integrating such an attribute into Funnel Freedom.

Jonathan sheds light on the challenge of this integration, particularly due to the varying affiliate tags each marketer possesses.

Moreover, the duo dives into a discussion about the power of reshaping promotional strategies – switching the game from repetitiveness to something fresh and engaging.

Try Funnel Freedom for Free

Funnel Freedom cherishes this ideology by providing a platform for marketers to promote the products in an entirely novel way that adds intrigue for potential customers.

Amy’s session shone a light on the substantial capabilities of Funnel Freedom, showcasing how this comprehensive system can serve as a powerful dragoon in one’s affiliate marketing venture.

Indulge in its pre-equipped processes, grasp its customizable possibilities, and discover fresher ways of promoting your affiliate products – all wrapped in the innovative package of Funnel Freedom.

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