Legendary Marketer Review: Should You Promote It Inside Funnel Freedom?

If you already have the Funnel Freedom software, you might be interested in my Legendary Marketer review (as they’re one of the companies promoted inside Funnel Freedom).

A few years back, I became part of the Legendary Marketer community. To this day, I still lean on their lessons and products, which are always getting fresh updates – honestly, it’s a bit of a challenge to stay on top of them all.

In this review, I’m diving deep into what Legendary Marketer is all about. From the brains behind the operation to the variety of products they offer, I’m laying it all out.

I aim to give you a clear view of everything on offer, highlight the marketing skills you could pick up, and, crucially, help you figure out if it’s something you should be looking into.

Legendary Marketer Pros

  • They offer some really budget-friendly deals up front.
  • For newbies in marketing, the 5 Day Challenge is top-notch.
  • You get a personal coach to back you up, which is pretty neat.
  • Missed a webinar? No sweat. Catch the replay with the Marketer’s Club weekly.
  • You’ll find a heap of useful tips in their Facebook group.
  • They’re always keeping their products right up to date.
  • You can earn some commissions for ClickFunnels sign-ups.
  • Stick with their affiliate program, and anyone you bring in sticks with you – for good.
  • They make it easy to promote them with free lead magnets for affiliates.
  • They’ve got this daily show, Wake Up Legendary, where they chat with their students.

Legendary Marketer Cons

  • Be prepared for a sizable upsell. This might not gel well with everyone’s preferences.
  • If you’ve been around the marketing block a time or two, the content might feel a bit too simple or even a rerun.
  • Running a blog? You won’t find any SEO strategies here.
  • They’ve got a laundry list of countries they can’t do business with because of issues with their payment partners.
  • Thinking about springing for one of their big-ticket live events? Personally, I think they’re asking a bit too much.

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer homepage

Legendary Marketer is an online platform where you can learn all about digital marketing and how to kickstart your own business. They’ve got a bunch of resources to help you get your online gig off the ground.

Their CEO and founder, David Sharpe, knows his stuff. He’s racked up over $250 million in online sales. Talk about knowing a thing or two about making money online!

And get this, Legendary Marketer is making waves. They landed the 63rd spot in the education category on the Inc. 5000 list. That’s a list counting the fastest-growing private companies in the US. It just goes to show that people are looking for new ways to learn skills that pay off.

Who is David Sharpe?

To really understand Legendary Marketer, let’s take a closer look at the guy who started it all, David Sharpe.

David Sharpe featured on Entrepreneur

With nine solid years in digital marketing and three multi-million dollar companies that he built from the ground up, Sharpe knows what he’s doing.

Forbes has even given him a nod as a mastermind in the internet marketing industry. You want top-quality learning? Well then, it makes sense to learn from experts like him.

Let’s talk results: Sharpe once raked in over a million bucks in just 60 days from a new system. Impressive, right?

But beyond the business savvy, Sharpe carries a spark that gets people fired up. He’s such a down-to-earth guy, he just makes you feel like you can do this too.

And his influence isn’t going unnoticed—the Entrepreneur magazine has hailed him an internet marketing industry icon. Now that’s some serious stuff.

Who is Legendary Marketer for?

If you’re starting out or already on your way in the online marketing world, their courses could be a big help.

They’re crafted for those who’ve got their own products to sell and for those who make a living promoting stuff for others.

What they really hammer home is how to effectively grab attention for your affiliate offers.

They’ll show you how to guide your potential customers down a path that’s designed to help both of you: you get the sale, and they get something valuable.

It’s not just talk either. They’re big on using the same techniques they teach: setting up sales funnels for customers, keeping in touch with emails, and telling a story that ties it all together.

So here’s the deal: Legendary Marketer isn’t just preaching theory. They’re actually in the trenches doing the very things they’re teaching, and I can respect that.

It’s a great program to promote on Funnel Freedom, so you’ll feel confident you’re actually providing value to your audience.

Legendary Marketer Main Products

Here’s a list of the main products Legendary Marketer is offering (and that you should be aware of since you’re promoting them in your email sequences inside Funnel Freedom).

1. The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ($1.99)

Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The Insider’s Guide by Sharpe is a goldmine with more than 90 pages filled with insights on affiliate marketing.

He lays out a clear game plan he names the Affiliate Domination Formula.

It covers:

  • How to pull in good, free traffic using popular methods like blogging and YouTube.
  • The ins and outs of crafting a tight two-page funnel (think an inviting opt-in page and a bridge page to warm up your leads).
  • The importance of testing and tracking everything you do.
  • And how to use product launches to give your sales a serious boost.

Essentially, this ebook is a sneak peek into the kind of wisdom Legendary Marketer offers, making it a go-to read for anyone keen on diving into affiliate marketing.

2. Copywriter’s Playbook ($1)

Copywriters Playbook

If you’re looking to up your copywriting game, The Copywriter’s Playbook is something you might want to check out.

It’s a packed 8-module video course that’s all about beefing up your writing skills and guiding you towards making more money through your copy. On top of the videos, there’s a handy 43-page ebook to go along with it.

But wait, there’s more you get with it. You’ll unlock five cool extras:

  • Dave’s own notes on copywriting.
  • A guide on how to land clients in 20 minutes.
  • A massive collection of 250 email headlines to draw inspiration from.
  • Real-time feedback on your copy.
  • And a bunch of templates for sales letters, emails, ads, and webinars straight from Dave’s own business playbook.

And the cherry on top? All of this is yours for just $1.

3. 15-Second Free Leads ($1)

15 Second Free Leads

15-Second Free Leads is all about making the most of TikTok to get attention and drive sales without spending a dime.

Sure, TikTok’s big with the younger crowd, but affiliate marketers are getting in on it too. They’re seeing a lot of people check out their short videos, which is great for business. And guess what? You don’t even need to be chatty on camera.

15 Second Free Leads (review) digs into stories from four affiliates who’ve really nailed it on TikTok. They’ve figured out the tricks to stand out and they’re sharing how they did it.

4. 5 Day Challenge ($5)

5 Day Challenge Learn Launch Lead

If you’re after skills that’ll help you score big in online business, you might want to check out the 5 Day Challenge: Learn, Launch, Lead.

This video course is organized in a way that helps you grasp the basic stuff you need to know to make your internet business work. Trust me, skipping these could leave you in hot water.

There’s a new video to watch each day along with bonuses and tasks to keep you engaged. Plus, you’ve got access to your very own advisor for helping you make sense of it all.

In fact, the 5 Day Challenge is one of the products you’ll automatically be promoting using Funnel Freedom. This is their low-ticket entry offer that may earn you $1000 in commissions if your referral upgrades to Legendary’s high-ticket program, the Business Blueprints, which I’ll cover next.

5. Business Blueprints Starter Package ($2,500)

This is the upsell Legendary Marketer offers to their 5 Day Challenge students. You don’t have to purchase it, but if you do, you’ll have access to

1. Affiliate Marketing

This blueprint has everything you need to kick off in affiliate marketing.

It’ll cover what affiliate marketing is, the nuts and bolts of how it works, and picking out products that you’ll actually want to promote. Plus, it’s packed with straight-up advice to get you moving and tips on how to start bringing in cash with your first sales.

The nifty thing is, whatever you learn from this blueprint can be used to sell any product you’re pumped about. It’s really meant for anyone who’s looking to get their feet wet with their own affiliate marketing gig.

2. Digital Products

Affiliate marketing is cool for earning commissions, but if you’re up for making the full bag of cash, think about selling your own stuff, like digital products.

This Blueprint’s got you covered on how to create such resources as ebooks, online courses, and podcasts.

Say you’re stuck on where to start or what to make. This training breaks it down for you. You’ll figure out how to take what you love and turn it into something sellable, choosing the best format for it based on what you’re into—words, videos, or sounds.

Then, it’s all about getting those digital products out to people who want them.

3. Coaching and Consulting

You might already run a business and you’re looking to kick things up a notch. You know what could be a game-changer? Using that passion and expertise of yours to start coaching or consulting.

This is where the Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint comes in. It basically helps to show you:

  • How to pinpoint the perfect niche for your coaching gig.
  • Where your potential customers are hanging out.
  • Tricks to make a persuasive pitch that’ll have clients saying yes.
  • The top platforms for operating your business.
  • And, getting set up with a reliable platform to handle payments.

4. Events and Masterminds

If you’re keen on adding a personal touch through in-person events, the Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint is right up your alley.

It covers everything from

  • How to efficiently plan and host your own live events.
  • Ways to save money while doing so.
  • Advice on picking the best team and venue.
  • Tips on engaging your attendees so they’re eager to return.

This Blueprint really dives into the essence of creating memorable and impactful live events and masterminds, giving you a front-row seat to the excitement and connection these gatherings can foster.

Each of these Blueprints cost $2,500 alone but inside the 5 Day Challenge, you can get all of them for that same price.

There are some other products they offer, such as the Omni-brand Formula and Traffic University, but it’s out of any interest of someone using Funnel Freedom to promote Legendary (and other products).

Legendary Marketer Prices

  1. Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing ($1.99)
  2. Copywriter’s Playbook ($1.00)
  3. 15-Second Free Leads ($1.00)
  4. 5 Day Online Business Builder Challenge ($5)
  5. Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo)
  6. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses ($47)
  7. Traffic University ($1,497)
  8. Business Blueprints Starter Package ($2,500)
  9. Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000)
  10. Private Client Coaching with Dave Sharpe (starting at $2,500)
  11. Business Blueprints Starter Package ($2,500)
  12. Business Blueprints with Mastermind ($4,500)
  13. Business Blueprints with Coaching ($9.500)

Legendary Marketer Discount

Let’s get straight into what Legendary Marketer has up their sleeve, aside from regular pricing. Now, they’re smart, they’ve got these things they call upsells, which could do you some good.

  1. First off, the Legendary Marketer’s Club. Normally, you’d pay $30 every month. But, if you’re in it for the long haul, they dangle a yearly access deal at $179 upfront. Simple math tells you that’s a sweet savings for six months of membership costs.
  2. Next up is their 5 Day Challenge. On Day 5, they hit you with a opportunity to nab the Business Blueprints Bundle for $2,500. This bundle beings together their top 4 Business Blueprints, plus a bunch of bonuses. Now, each Blueprint on its own will set you back $2,500, so grabbing this bundle means major discount game.

A nice perk is that with the Business Blueprint Bundle, you’re instantly part of the Legendary Marketer Affiliate program. Usually, they’re picky about who gets in, so this bundle purchase can be a neat little side-door entrance.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Joining their affiliate program is not your usual walk-in-the-park kinda group – they’re picky about who they let in.

Legendary Marketer commission structure

Here’s the thing: to even throw your hat in the ring, you’ve got to get through their 5 Day Challenge first. But just so you know, finishing that doesn’t automatically mean you’re in.

Now, I’ve heard around that you should chat with your business advisor at least twice or it’s a no-go. But when I gave it a shot, that wasn’t what turned it for me.

The first time I tried to get in, they turned me down because I didn’t have any proof I knew what I was doing, digital marketing-wise.

I didn’t give up, though. I got busy putting together some funnels, used lead magnets, set up an autoresponder, and worked on my website. Tried again, and guess what? They approved me.

So here's the lowdown: You need to show you've got some skills in digital marketing under your belt. Or at the very least, you should be comfy using the tools that keep an online business running smoothly.

Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

Legendary Marketer is completely worth it if you’re looking to kick-start an online business. Whether you’re just dipping your toes or you’re already paddling around the digital space, they’ve got the tools and the training that you need.

Sure, they have some pretty pricey offerings and, yes, you might see related information floating about on the internet. But here’s the deal: with Legendary Marketer, it’s not about piecing together odd bits of info. It’s about a guided journey from start to finish.

Ultimately, they provide the map, but you’re the one driving.

Is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

You might have seen a bunch of reviews calling Legendary Marketer a scam. Well, I’m here to clear the air: that’s just not right. These programs from Legendary Marketer are top-notch and offer some really solid training.

They’re upfront about it, too. All over their website, they make it clear they’re not offering a magic ticket to wealth. It’s all about putting in the effort to see results. They’ve really gone the extra mile to operate in a clear and honest way.

Now, about this so-called "Legendary Marketer scam" – it's pretty much a myth. What's interesting is that some of those bad reviews get the name wrong, calling it "Legendary Marketing," and seem to be pushing other products instead.

It's not uncommon to see this kind of strategy where one product is put down to lift another. Just a heads-up to take a second look when you see someone throwing shade.

Is Legendary Marketer a Pyramid Scheme?

Legendary Marketer isn’t one of those pyramid scheme deals. There’s been some buzz around David Sharpe being linked with Empower Network before, which was a pyramid scheme, and it got some folks worried. Dave left because he didn’t want any knocks to his credibility.

So, here’s how it goes in a pyramid scheme: You make money not just from what you sell but also from what people under you sell. The more people you have under you, the more you earn. And that’s where the term “multi-level” comes into play—it stacks up like a pyramid.

But that’s not the case with Legendary Marketer. Their deal is pretty straightforward. If you refer someone and they buy something, you get a commission on that sale. Period. It doesn’t matter if that person goes on to refer others; you won’t get a cut from those subsequent sales. It’s a one-level thing.

In essence, their affiliate program runs just like any other out there. So, nope, Legendary Marketer isn’t a pyramid scheme or MLM. It’s all above board.

Should Your Worry About Promoting Legendary Marketer?

Starting an online business means you’ve got to know your stuff, especially if you want to really rake in the cash.

Legendary Marketer is pretty much a go-to for learning the ropes. They’ve got the training down to an art and the kind of solid marketing knowledge you need for a winning online business.

They keep it straightforward and honest—no fancy footwork here. To get a real taste of what it’s like to run an online biz, their 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge is a smart move. No pressure to call for a chat with an advisor or shell out big bucks for their high-ticket programs either.

So, yes, there’s nothing to worry about when promoting Legendary Marketer inside Funnel Freedom. And if your audience doesn’t “like” them, no worries—there’s always other programs this software automatically promotes on your behalf without you lifting a finger.

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