Funnel Freedom Review (2024): Jonathan Montoya’s Unfair Tool

Are you confused about how to successfully navigate the affiliate marketing landscape? Know you’re not alone in this.

I’m going to share something with you—a tool named Funnel Freedom. This software charm is envisioned by Jonathan Montoya, someone who has won the affiliate marketing game himself and longed for such a tool during his early days.

I’ve been poking around this software for a bit now, learning about the nuts and bolts of what it offers. So, what I’m sharing with you in this Funnel Freedom review is my honest thoughts. It’s about what this platform does, whom it can help, and if it suits you.

After reading this review, you’ll understand how Funnel Freedom neatly addresses a certain need within the affiliate marketing industry that has been overlooked.

But before we get into that, let’s know more about this man, Jonathan Montoya.

Jonathan Montoya, Founder of Funnel Freedom

Jonathan is a friendly, down-to-earth person who knows affiliate marketing inside out. Through determination and hard work, he’s made over 1 million dollars from his affiliate programs — a huge accomplishment by anyone’s standards.

Jonathan Montoya
Jonathan Montoya is a member of the Two-Comma Club for earning over $1M with ClickFunnels.

With a keen eye for the future, he noticed a gap in the market and decided to create Funnel Freedom.

After four years of careful planning and development, Jonathan’s latest innovation, Funnel Freedom, is finally here. He genuinely believes it can save you time and change the way you approach affiliate marketing — and there’s a pretty good reason to listen to what he has to say.

Here’s the thing: Jonathan’s been exactly where you are right now. Starting from scratch, he encountered plenty of obstacles in his affiliate marketing journey, just like you probably have.

The best part is that he succeeded and is now using his knowledge to help you find success with Funnel Freedom.

Give it a shot; after all, Jonathan created this tool to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

If you’ve been following Jonathan Montoya on YouTube, you might have noticed how he often talks about building an affiliate stacking ecosystem.

Jonathan Montoya Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

Let me break it down for you in the simplest way possible:

  1. Create content.
  2. Add it to an email sequence.
  3. Whenever you get a new lead, they receive emails containing your content (linked to affiliate programs).

This structure keeps your leads engaged, allowing for a constant flow of emails. However, it requires a good amount of automation, which might be intimidating to those new to affiliate marketing.

One common issue is the lack of confidence in creating videos; after all, no videos mean no email content. This is why Jonathan Montoya created Funnel Freedom. With this platform, you can use his videos instead of making your own and easily add your affiliate links.

Rather than directing leads to a YouTube video, you can send them to a landing page with Jonathan’s video and your own affiliate link below.

This Funnel Freedom review aims to offer a glimpse of this innovative software and demonstrate how it can potentially change the way beginners in affiliate marketing earn their first commissions.

Let me guide you through what Funnel Freedom can offer and how it could help you reconsider your affiliate marketing strategy.

My Funnel Freedom Review

Funnel Freedom is truly a one-of-a-kind tool in the affiliate marketing world. It stands apart from other affiliate courses because it’s an all-in-one software covering every aspect of a successful affiliate marketing business.

This includes ready-to-use funnels, YouTube videos, email swipes, and more.

The great thing about Funnel Freedom is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. Most other courses show you the process but don’t provide the necessary tools.

On the other hand, Funnel Freedom covers all your bases, combining functionalities like funnel building, email marketing, website management, and social media tools in one comprehensive platform.

The secret behind Funnel Freedom’s robust performance lies in its foundation – the High Level software platform. It’s backed by a team of over 650 dedicated developers who work tirelessly to maintain, enhance, and expand the platform’s capabilities.

Funnel Freedom replaces other tools

This group of professionals includes software engineers, product designers, and support staff, ensuring you have a reliable and ever-evolving tool to help you confidently grow your affiliate marketing business.

What Sets Funnel Freedom Apart From Other Tools?

Well, Funnel Freedom comes fully equipped with numerous affiliate programs for you to promote.

You’ll find ready-to-use funnels and email swipes that include follow-ups for an entire year! On top of that, you’re getting a ready-made, white-label course featuring opt-in and bridge pages, which you can give away for free.

The groundwork is done; your job is to spread the word.

Funnel Freedom’s design enables you to promote a wide range of high-ticket affiliate products. One of the aspects that makes your life easier is the full year of follow-up emails prepared just for you.

These emails not only provide useful information but also promote other products. All you have to do is replace the default links with your own affiliate links, and Jonathan will even show you how to do this at no cost.

You’ll be glad to know you only need to make this change once. The software automatically updates all the email links with your affiliate links, keeping things straightforward and hassle-free.

Jonathan’s approach is quite clever. Your links don’t directly lead your audience to the affiliate offer. Instead, they’re directed to a funnel featuring Jonathan’s videos that encourage and warm up your audience.

And yes, your affiliate link is on that page, meaning you receive commissions from purchases, not Jonathan.

While the long-term goal is for you to create your own videos and perhaps even rewrite the emails, Funnel Freedom offers a perfect starting point for those eager to delve into affiliate marketing without getting bogged down by technical details. It’s like a shortcut, sparing you the need to create funnels, emails, or videos.

For example, Amy Hiers, a Legendary Marketer Platinum affiliate, recently switched from ClickFunnels to Funnel Freedom. You can watch the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough Jonathan created with her to learn more.

Legendary Marketer Platinum affiliate switches to Funnel Freedom.

Introducing Funnel Freedom: A Fresh Look at Its Features

  • Ready-to-Use Course, Opt-In, and Bridge Page: Funnel Freedom offers a pre-built course you can provide as your unique lead magnet. This way, you can attract new subscribers and grow your email list without worrying about creating a course from scratch.
  • Year-Long Automated Follow-Up Email Sequences: You’ll get a full year of follow-up emails to nourish leads and help secure high-ticket offers. Now, you can have peace of mind as your leads are being taken care of and opportunities maximized.
  • Access to Test-Approved YouTube Videos: Funnel Freedom grants you access to already-proven YouTube videos to help you earn high-ticket affiliate commissions. This system offers a direct route to success.
  • Quick Promotion of High-Ticket Affiliate Offers: The platform simplifies promoting an array of high-ticket affiliate offers, enabling you to save time and effort.
  • User-Friendly Funnel Builder: No coding skills needed – Funnel Freedom’s drag-and-drop funnel builder makes it easy for you to create customized marketing funnels.
  • Limitless Funnels & Websites: You can create as many funnels and websites as desired, allowing unlimited potential for your business.
  • Grow Contacts Unrestrictedly: Increase your contact list without limitations, making it ideal for expanding businesses.
  • Cost-Efficient Emails and SMS: Only pay for the emails and SMS texts you actually use with their flexible payment model, which is convenient for beginners.
  • Unlimited Domain Name Support: You can connect and manage as many domain names as needed without any limits.
  • Round-the-Clock Assistance: Whenever you need help, reach out through 24/7 chat support or schedule a Zoom call to resolve any concerns.
  • Optional VIP Onboarding: For an extra $199, you can receive two one-hour calls tailored to confirm your Funnel Freedom setup – a valuable option for those who want to ensure everything is in perfect order.

Funnel Freedom White Label Course

Stepping into the affiliate marketing world can be overwhelming, if not intimidating. Your mission isn’t just about earning a commission; it’s about creating meaningful connections with your audience through content that authentically resonates.

That’s where Funnel Freedom opens up an expansive horizon. Its primary goal isn’t to hand you a quick commission check but rather to provide a solid foundation upon which you can promote several renowned affiliate programs without initially needing to generate content yourself.

Once you’ve navigated the waters, you’re motivated to clothe it with your own content fabric as time progresses.

Freedom Ascension free course

Embarking your voyage with Freedom Freedom offers a free course – Freedom Ascension, your compass in this labyrinth of affiliate marketing. It’s not just a course; it’s a comprehensive guide, a gateway to the domino effect of successfully implementing affiliate marketing strategies.

Freedom Ascension: Mapping Your 9-5 Exit Strategy is your seven-part en-route companion.

This series doesn’t just discuss affiliate marketing; it presents a well-constructed pathway leading away from the grind of regular jobs toward professional independence.

  1. The Best Side Hustle Online to Quit Your Job
  2. The Fastest Way to Quit Your 9-5 Job
  3. The Actual Target You Need to Quit Your Job
  4. Supercharge Your Results With AI
  5. How to Build Your High Ticket Affiliate System For Free
  6. 12,000 Leads/Month (6 Ways to Get Free Traffic)
  7. The Unfair Tool That Automatically Closes High Ticket Affiliate Sales

Jonathan’s profound marketing wisdom radiates through this free course. It houses the tools you need to navigate through and successfully construct an affiliate system without breaking your budget.

Freedom Ascension Mapping Your 9-5 Exit Strategy

The culmination of the course introduces you to Funnel Freedom software, your genie that gets the job done in a blink.

With these tools, you can now unravel the potential to earn commissions, not just from the affiliate programs but from Funnel Freedom.

Jonathan also primes up innovatively for your leads’ learning experience, introducing them to his exciting ’72 Hour Challenge’ before they delve into the free course. This includes a VIP ticket to Freedom Breakthrough, potentially unlocking greater commission-earning opportunities.

This engaging twist on understanding and implementing Funnel Freedom and its course, Freedom Ascension, promotes an appealing, user-friendly introduction to those yearning for a slice of the affiliate marketing pie.

Funnel Freedom’s High-Ticket Affiliate Promotions

Through the lens of affiliate marketing, imagine a tool that allows you to promote an array of offers seamlessly, all from a single dashboard.

Well, the dream is real, and its name is Funnel Freedom. This ingenious software opens up avenues to an eclectic assortment of promotional offers.

Allow me to indulge you in what currently lies within the proverbial treasure chest of Funnel Freedom:

  • 72-Hour Freedom Challenge
  • Legendary Marketer
  • Freedom Breakthrough
  • Funnel Freedom (yes, this software)
  • Wealth Warriors
  • Visla
  • TubeBuddy
  • GetResponse
  • Secrets of Success
  • InVideo
  • VidIQ

The cherry on top? You receive free entry into these affiliate programs, all accessible from Funnel Freedom.

Freedom Ascension affiliate products mentioned in the video

Moreover, setting up is a breeze – simply input your affiliate links on the dashboard, and voila! All existing links in your account transform into yours – an exclusive feature courtesy of Jonathan and his keen developer, Sean McLellan.

Funnel Freedom affiliate link settings

This innovative shift in how you approach affiliate marketing marches you into a future where managing multiple offers is not just mere convenience but a strategic advantage. Fulfill your promotional needs with Funnel Freedom and watch the wonders unfold.

Funnel Freedom Email Automation

If you’re delving into affiliate marketing, you’ll appreciate how valuable a well-designed email sequence can be. Jonathan, the creator of Funnel Freedom, has taken this to heart and developed a year-long email sequence for you.

Funnel Freedom white label course email workflow list

This sequence is a blend of informative emails that add value and promotion-driven emails that showcase different offers.

Keeping things simple for you, once you’ve input your affiliate links within the platform, the software updates those links within the email content—no more manual link replacements!

Moreover, Jonathan has gone the extra mile with certain value-driven emails by providing video reviews of specific products. These emails don’t just direct your leads to his YouTube channel; they receive the review through a dedicated page that embeds the video and includes a button with your affiliate link.

Funnel Freedom white label course email automation

With Funnel Freedom software, there is no need to worry about updating the button’s link either. It’s all customized and automated for you.

Advantages of Funnel Freedom

On the teeming landscape of marketing software, Funnel Freedom distinguishes itself as more than just another player on the pitching mound.

Unlike monolithic alternatives like ClickFunnels or, Funnel Freedom is not merely a nifty funnel builder; it provides an all-encompassing environment for affiliate marketing.

If you’ve been curating your craft with ClickFunnels, Funnel Freedom will make your transition effortless. The software simplifies importing your existing funnels—you paste your funnel URL, and everything’s ported without needing tedious rebuilding.

Regarding email campaigns, Funnel Freedom invites you to bid adieu to the likes of AWeber or GetResponse. The platform serves as a workshop where you can assemble infinite automated sequences:

  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Calls
  • Voicemail
  • WhatsApp messages
  • Instagram DMs
  • And much more

Furthermore, it’s not just about the multitude of communication options. The platform enables granular segmentation of audiences based on their actions.

For those with a thirst for leveraging video marketing, there’s no need for Wistia or Vimeo anymore. Funnel Freedom takes center stage, providing in-platform video hosting capabilities.

Should you be an affiliate marketing veteran or a greenhorn, you know the value of an enticing lead magnet. With Funnel Freedom, you gain a ready-to-go white-label course fashioned by none other than Jonathan himself.

Dive into the backend of this class, mixed with automated email campaigns, and tap into the potential of earning commissions on sought-after, high-priced items vetted by Jonathan himself. The beauty lies in the automation—feed in your links, direct the traffic, and let the platform work its magic.

Having tested Funnel Freedom, the standout quality is the click-and-forget operation—you plug in your affiliate links, click a button, and surprise! An affiliate marketing dynamo stands ready—with funnels, year-long emails, and a white-label course waiting to magnetically attract leads.

The novice marketers aspiring to avoid the tech rabbit hole or fearing the monstrous task of content creation will find Funnel Freedom to be their sanctuary. Dare to take the plunge, and your marketing game may alter for eternity.

Disadvantages of Funnel Freedom

With Funnel Freedom based on robust High-Level software, there’s a lot to discover, so much that it’s impossible to cover all the features in a single article. If you’re keen on learning more, checking out a High Level review can be helpful.

Now, if you’re new to this, it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. But fear not because once you start using Funnel Freedom, you’ll realize you don’t have to master every feature. You can focus mainly on the marketing aspect.

Keep in mind that High Level is designed as a comprehensive platform aiming to boost your marketing and sales performance. So, it’s only natural that it has many smaller features you might not even be aware of yet.

Don’t worry, though. As soon as you dive into the platform, Jonathan is there to guide you, ensuring you take the right steps to get your affiliate marketing journey up and running.

Just give it a try, and you’ll find that it’s a lot simpler than you think.

Customer Support

Funnel Freedom, the brainchild of Jonathan Montoya, is not merely a crafty software concocted for generating revenue. Rather, it symbolizes Montoya’s commitment to offering a reliable sanctuary for affiliate marketers, a testament manifesting in the stellar support services delivered to his clientele.

Having High Level’s solid backing, Funnel Freedom allows you to engage in real-time conversations with High Level agents—anytime, anywhere—addressing all your tech-related queries.

Funnel Freedom support chat box

Should you have inquiries specific to Funnel Freedom, you are mere moments away from resolution at

From being responsive within minutes, Funnel Freedom reflects its focus on saving you from the sinkhole of lingering issues and unanswered questions.

Want to have an in-depth dialogue? Fancy a face-to-face discussion from the comfort of your digital device? Funnel Freedom allows you to book a Zoom call, allowing you to share your screen for a more detailed problem-solving session.

Let’s take a quick detour.

Observing Montoya’s magic, it’s entrancing to see him model his 72-Hour Challenge after Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Challenge, complete with business planning advisors, high-ticket affiliate offers, and locked-in challenge days necessitating advisor consultation. Is this a sign of the rising titan? Might we be witnessing the advent of the successor to David Sharpe? Only time will tell.

Funnel Freedom Pricing

Funnel Freedom is just taking its first confident baby steps, and the future looks promising. Although it’s got a good launch, many areas on the site still need refining.

There’s one thing, however, that seems to be very clear—changes are coming to the current pricing structure.

At present, Funnel Freedom offers you two subscription options:

  • A 14-day free trial, after which, if you decide to continue, you will pay either $97 per month or $970 for an annual subscription.
  • A $970 annual subscription with no trial but with an added Bonus: 1:1 VIP Done-For-You Onboarding that includes two 1-hour calls.

If you get on board now, your subscription price will remain the same for as long as you stay.

You can also back out of your trial at any moment without any cost.

Now, here’s a heads up—the pricing structure seems set to rise in the near future.

With plans to roll out exciting new updates and enhancements, Funnel Freedom is projecting a price increase to $147 monthly or $1470 annually once these features are ready.

That’s not all. Once all the upgrades due next year are out, we may look at another increase—to $297 per month or $2970 per year.

Whether this is just a marketing gimmick or whether they’ll stick to these projections—we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, bear in mind that you have an opportunity to test the waters with Funnel Freedom’s free trial.

Funnel Freedom Pros & Cons

What Makes Funnel Freedom Shine

  • Free Ready-To-Use Course: To boost your email list and bring genuinely curious individuals into your fold, you can have a ready-made free course at your service.
  • One-Year Automated Email Feature: An entire year’s worth of automated email sequences lets you reach out to potential leads without breaking a sweat for new content all the time.
  • Harness Established Videos: Borrow the wisdom and success stories from YouTube videos that have already proven their worth. It not only saves you time but also instills confidence in the effectiveness of these strategies.
  • Pitch Several High-Ticket Offers: The capability to quickly throw several high-ticket offers into the mix widens your chances of catching your audience’s attention with an intriguing mix of deals and opportunities.
  • No Cap on the Content: With no upper limit on the number of funnels and websites you can create, you’re free to experiment with several ideas and markets. This is the kind of freedom that can help you discover what works best for you.
  • Unlimited Contacts: Expand your audience as large as you desire without fretting over extra costs or having to make adjustments.

Where Funnel Freedom Could Trip You Up

  • Overreliance on Ready-Made Systems: The done-for-you systems prove to be a tempting offer, yet despite Funnel Freedom being great at what it does, it should never overshadow the need to learn essential marketing skills. These skills will keep you nimble in adapting to market changes instead of heavily relying on software support.
  • Price Tag: The utility-packed features come with a price, which might feel a tad high, especially for those just embarking on their affiliate marketing journey and yet to earn steady commissions.
  • The Dizzying Array of Choices: Being a beginner and having the power to promote numerous high-ticket offers instantly can feel intimidating. It’s also important that you familiarize yourself with the products involved.

Future Updates

High Level, the software giant behind Funnel Freedom, boasts a wealth of features—there are some I didn’t mention in my discussion, and I’ll touch on them now.

For example, you can link your social media accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and more, to maintain them all from the same dashboard.

At the moment, High Level employs AI technology to generate text automatically, something Jonathan and Sean are working on incorporating for Funnel Freedom clients. But AI developments won’t stop there.

As AI technology keeps improving, it’s likely they’ll introduce AI video creation down the line. This means you might soon be able to make videos, share them on social media, and connect them to your offers, all within Funnel Freedom’s dashboard—a genuinely all-inclusive marketing platform.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Funnel Freedom’s evolution and update you with any new, noteworthy features I find moving forward.

What I Think About Funnel Freedom

Funnel Freedom is an easy-to-use platform where you can input your affiliate links, use Jonathan’s video content, and earn commissions.

Once you set up the platform (which takes about 20 minutes), your main task is creating content and directing traffic to the free course sign-up page. After this, just sit back and let the system do the work for you.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and need help setting up a system and crafting content, Funnel Freedom might catalyze your success. It’s built to eliminate complex technical steps and integrations, streamlining the process by providing you with a ready-to-use system.

However, if you’re already an experienced affiliate, Funnel Freedom might not be useful to you. In fact, you could consider developing a similar system yourself.

The key takeaway is to create an affiliate stacking ecosystem, just as Jonathan emphasizes. Funnel Freedom simply offers a considerable shortcut.

In short, Funnel Freedom is a well-designed and well-executed platform that has the potential to benefit many people.

Funnel Freedom Review: Final Thoughts

Fundamentally, Funnel Freedom offers a solid ladder to climb in the affiliate marketing world.

It’s like a well-fitted key, unlocking opportunities for you to effectively put forward and boost your affiliate deals.

This tool leans on the trustworthy technology of the High Level platform, which, in Jonathan’s words, could be a game-setter in the affiliate marketplace.

From our exploration of Funnel Freedom, it’s clear that Jonathan’s vision centers on equipping folks with the skills and tools to fast-track their grasp and success in affiliate marketing. He designed this software, keeping absolute beginners in sight.

Simply put, Funnel Freedom is not just any platform. It evolves from the commitment and expertise of those who genuinely know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. And it doesn’t stop there – it aims to add value and reduce complications in the process.

With a promising future, Funnel Freedom seems ready to redefine the contours of affiliate marketing. It might be a good idea for you to give it a look. Because who knows? This could be the very stepping stone that moves you nearer to your dreams, right?

Therefore, if you’re seeking:

  • A ready-made, promotable lead magnet;
  • A hands-off, functional sales path;
  • Pre-crafted follow-up emails;
  • Well-chosen, budding affiliate deals;
  • Programs that offer up to $1,350 per sale;
  • And programs with monthly recurring income.

Feel free to start your exploration with this Funnel Freedom’s free trial.

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