Meet Sean McLellan: The Brainpower Behind Funnel Freedom

Today, I want to introduce you to someone special.

I don’t say this lightly, but the person I’m about to introduce you to, Sean McLellan, is a hidden gem in the world of marketing funnels. His brilliance has immensely contributed to the Funnel Freedom software Jonathan has been passionately working on.

So, let’s get started and shine the deserved spotlight on Sean.

Initial Meeting

The first time Jonathan met Sean was at the Funnel Hacking Live event. Among the hustle and bustle of knowledge-seekers and industry titans, they crossed paths.

Their conversation was both casual and insightful, and that initial spark sparked a business relationship that evolved over time. They shared ideas and exchanged thoughts, and as their bond grew stronger, they decided to collaborate on the Funnel Freedom platform.

Who is Sean McLellan

Who Sean is cannot be confined to a few sentences. He’s smart and innovative and comes with a wealth of experience from his past ventures.

Sean McLellan

He built highly successful software companies, sold them, and moved on to the next big thing. Yet, despite these massive achievements, Sean is the humblest person you could ever meet, according to Jonathan Montoya.

You can follow him on Instagram here.

Sean’s Contribution to Funnel Freedom

When they initiated Funnel Freedom, Sean dived right into it head-on. His immense expertise in building robust and efficient platforms was invaluable.

Sean used custom coding to ensure the system was user-friendly for beginners yet powerful and flexible enough for the pros. His passion for delivering excellence in Funnel Freedom has been nothing short of inspiring.

Importance of Sean’s Work Ethic and Intelligence

Sean’s intelligence and work ethic are like two pillars supporting the Funnel Freedom software. He’s not just smart – he’s extraordinary.

And his hard work?

It’s like his second nature. Even in challenging situations, Sean has a knack for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – this alone has brought Funnel Freedom from an idea to a reality.

There are numerous examples of his resourcefulness and intelligence in action. But perhaps the most telling is the fact that he carved out a robust, user-friendly platform like Funnel Freedom with so much complex custom coding.

Jonathan expresses his heartfelt thanks for Sean’s untiring efforts, relentless dedication, and invaluable contribution. A project of this scale and quality wouldn’t have been possible without having him aboard.

Why Funnel Freedom Was Created

Jonathan Montoya has partnered with Sean McLellan (who’s responsible for building this entire software based on HighLevel’s infrastructure) to create the foundations of Funnel Freedom.

They are giving you access to this software because it will help you build and replicate Jonathan’s 7-figure affiliate business. But you can do so much more than that. You can:

  • Create membership areas if you have your own courses
  • Take payments
  • Have unlimited contacts (emails, text)
  • Build unlimited funnels and websites

This software is so much more powerful than just an affiliate tool. 

When Jonathan started his affiliate journey, he started with his affiliate marketing list. But as he grew, he was able to create his own courses, and now this software.

That’s why they built Funnel Freedom—they want to give us the 7-figure affiliate tool (funnels, emails within the software itself). But now you can create your own courses and programs. 

Final Note

Sean is more than just a business partner. He’s the linchpin who has been instrumental in bringing Funnel Freedom to life. His dedication to the cause, groundbreaking ideas, and exceptional execution have accelerated Funnel Freedom’s journey to help affiliates streamline their marketing efforts.

With his ongoing support and collaboration, Jonathan is confident they will continue revolutionizing affiliate marketing.

It’s not just Jonathan who should be grateful for Sean.

If you’re an affiliate marketer using Funnel Freedom, you’re benefiting directly from the hours and hours of hard work and genius he brings to the table. So here’s a big shout-out to Sean, the unsung hero behind Funnel Freedom!

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