Funnel Freedom Preview & Interview with Jonathan Montoya

Let’s quickly dive into an exciting world that’s all about making online business less complicated. I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful tool named Funnel Freedom. It’s a software solution designed to help you build and manage your online marketing funnels more efficiently.

Now, you might be wondering where Funnel Freedom came from. Well, behind it is a man named Jonathan, who successfully journeyed through the realms of affiliate marketing, creating an impressive affiliate business along the way. After achieving noteworthy success, gaining over $1 million with his affiliate program, Jonathan decided it was time to give back.

Using his experience as a foundation, he embarked on a new project; this time, he was not just developing an affiliate program but creating software that could change the game for everyone dealing with online marketing – seasoned professionals and beginners alike.

So, after four years of meticulous planning and tireless development, Jonathan is on the brink of unveiling his not-so-secret project – Funnel Freedom. This innovative tool aims to add a new layer to your online business journey by offering a simpler yet effective way to handle all those technical aspects that usually rain on your online marketing parade.

In essence, you could say that Funnel Freedom spawned from Jonathan’s success in affiliate marketing. It’s an embodiment of his journey and desire to create a resource to help others pursue their online business dreams without getting tangled up in the technicalities of managing marketing funnels.

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What is Funnel Freedom?

Funnel Freedom aims to create a more user-friendly experience for everyone dealing with affiliate marketing. Whether you’re new to the game or have been at it for a while, this software tool is all about helping you build and manage your funnels without breaking a sweat.

With Funnel Freedom in your toolkit, you can focus on growing your business, leaving behind the time-consuming tasks of juggling affiliate links and creating marketing assets.

But how did Jonathan create this game-changing software, you might wonder? Well, he had a great idea and combined it with an approach that’s both budget-friendly and highly effective – white-labeling.

White-labeling is a process where you tailor an existing software to your unique needs. Instead of starting from scratch and spending vast sums on research and development, you use a proven system and tailor it to provide added value.

In Funnel Freedom’s case, Jonathan chose to work with High Level, a recognized and established software company with a built-in platform for managing funnels, emails, and other online marketing functionalities. By tapping into this white-labeled software, he created a unique platform specifically tailored to affiliates like you.

The process wasn’t without its hurdles, though. Even though High Level provided an excellent foundation, Jonathan had to invest considerable time and effort into customizations, especially regarding unique features for affiliate marketing. As a result, Funnel Freedom is the perfect blend of proven technology and innovative thinking, all wrapped up in a user-friendly package designed to help you succeed in your affiliate marketing journey.

The Importance of a Recurring Business Model

Having a recurring business model is critical to making a business grow. Why? It’s simple. This model brings you reliable, steady cash flow over time. And having a steady cash flow allows you more time and flexibility to refine your strategies and grow your business.

So, how does Funnel Freedom fit into this picture?

Before we dive into that, let’s remember that Funnel Freedom was born from Jonathan’s lessons learned in his own journey with affiliate marketing. One significant insight that guided him was from Russell Brunson: the importance of having a “linchpin” in your business model.

Linchpin, huh? Don’t worry; it’s not as complex as it sounds.

A linchpin is simply a thing that’s almost crucial to your business. It’s like the cereal in your breakfast, the engine in your car, or the heart in your body – you can’t do without it. In the context of business, a linchpin refers to an element of your model that consumers want and need regularly.

Got it? Good. Now, let’s bring Funnel Freedom back in.

Funnel Freedom is a tool designed to become this linchpin for affiliate marketers. It’s the solution to help you manage your online funnels – a service you’ll need regularly when running an online business. And because of its role, using Funnel Freedom translates to a recurring business model for you.

Think of Funnel Freedom as your personal assistant, constantly at work to make your business run smoothly. By automating your processes, it saves you time and effort, and you get to focus on more strategic tasks. And as you continue to use Funnel Freedom and reap its benefits, you’re more likely to stick with it, creating that recurring revenue in your business.

Keep in mind, though, that strategies are essential, but they’re only part of the story. You must make your business valuable to your customers – and the more valuable, the better.

When Jonathan created Funnel Freedom, he aimed to offer this value by making it as efficient, easy-to-use, and effective as possible. But don’t forget, there’s also room for your creative touch. How can you best use a tool like Funnel Freedom to make your business more valuable to your customers?

With a tool like Funnel Freedom, you can create the linchpin in your business model, opening doors towards a reliable, recurring business model.

Make Affiliate Marketing Faster

Funnel Freedom is designed to make affiliate marketing faster and easier for you. It is specifically created for beginners who want to start their journey in affiliate marketing and see quick results.

With Funnel Freedom, you get an entire funnel, a lead magnet, and YouTube videos that will help you kickstart your business in no time.

The primary aim of Funnel Freedom is to help you achieve desired results almost overnight. By providing you with all the necessary tools and guidance, it eliminates the time-consuming tasks and technical hurdles you might face while setting up your affiliate marketing business.

Jonathan Montoya interview

The Value Equation

Now, let’s talk about Alex Hormozi’s “value equation,” which is essential to understanding how Funnel Freedom works. The value equation consists of four quadrants:

  • Increasing likelihood of success: By giving you all the necessary tools and information, Funnel Freedom helps increase your chances of success in affiliate marketing.
  • Increasing the dream outcome: Funnel Freedom aims to help you reach your financial goals more effectively, whether it’s making thousands or even a million dollars.
  • Decreasing time: One of the prime objectives of Funnel Freedom is to minimize the time it takes to set up your business and start seeing results. Usually, the setup process can take as little as a day.
  • Decreasing effort and sacrifice: By guiding you through the process and providing ready-to-use tools, Funnel Freedom reduces the effort and sacrifices typically associated with building an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

The Technology Behind Funnel Freedom

Funnel Freedom‘s development story is pretty interesting. It all started with Jonathan, who is actually an affiliate marketer himself. Having firsthand experience with the hurdles of affiliate marketing, he decided there must be a better way to manage everything. That’s when the idea for Funnel Freedom started brewing.

Now, building software from scratch can be a massive task. Creating something reliable and bug-free could take years of coding, testing, and a lot of cash. So, Jonathan took a different road. Instead of starting from scratch, he used a platform called High Level.

To better understand this decision, let’s take a quick walk into the world of software development.

You see, there’s a thing called white-label software, which is basically a ready-made application that you can buy and customize as per your needs. And that’s what High Level is – a fully functional, tried and tested white-label software. It’s a robust platform with tons of built-in features and functionalities.

Jonathan took advantage of this. He bought High Level and started customizing it to suit the needs of affiliate marketers like you. This approach saved him a ton of time and resources, which he then directed towards ensuring Funnel Freedom was as user-friendly and efficient as possible.

One of the best parts about this is that although Funnel Freedom is now a different product, it still enjoys support from High Level’s potent team of over 650 developers. These guys have been perfecting High Level over the years, constantly fixing bugs, improving functions, and maintaining its reliability. Jonathan simply piggybacked on this existing support system.

Funnel Freedom Affiliate Program & Commission Structure

Affiliate marketing, in a nutshell, is about promoting others’ products and earning a commission whenever someone makes a purchase through your referral link. The Funnel Freedom affiliate program works just the same way.

Now, about the commission structure. Every affiliate program has its own set of rules for how much commission you’ll earn. Some might offer a one-time sale commission, some may have a tier system, and some may even give recurring commissions for subscription services. For Funnel Freedom, you will get recurring commissions for as long as your referral continues as an active member of the platform.

Funnel Freedom Affiliate Commissions:

  • 40% recurring every month.
  • 10% for sub-affiliates.

Yes, that’s right. Every person who registers through your link and promotes the software is automatically your sub-affiliate, meaning you’ll receive 10% of their commissions.

Remember, while as an affiliate marketer, you can make money without having to create or manage products, it’s not just about posting a link anywhere and waiting for cash to roll in. That’s where understanding the trade becomes important.

Learning Skills in Affiliate Marketing

Learning skills in affiliate marketing opens up a wealth of opportunities and helps you streamline your business. Skills like understanding your audience, choosing the right products to promote, using social media effectively, or optimizing your website can set you apart from the crowd.

Why is this important? Let’s think about it for a second. If two people were promoting the same product, and one understands the market, knows how to attract the right audience, and effectively communicates the product’s benefits – while the other just posts links randomly, who do you think would have the better results? It’s pretty obvious, right?

This doesn’t mean done-for-you systems, like Funnel Freedom, are not important. They surely can help you get started quickly and save lots of time and effort. But solely relying on them might not give you the long-term success you’re aiming for.

Imagine you’re riding a bike with training wheels. They’re great when you’re starting out. But once you’ve learned to balance and pedal properly, you won’t need them anymore; you can take them off and enjoy the ride more freely.

In the same way, Funnel Freedom can give you a massive head start. But nurturing your skills in affiliate marketing will help you thrive independently over the long run. And remember, the learning process isn’t a sprint; it’s more like a marathon — something you keep building on bit by bit. So take your time, keep learning, and enjoy the journey. It’s all part of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Making Life Easier for Beginners

Now, let’s talk about what makes Funnel Freedom a great tool for you, especially if you’re a beginner.

  • Streamlined process: As a beginner, there are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of tasks vying for your attention. Funnel Freedom removes much of the complexity, allowing you to focus on just the essentials. It’s easy to understand, and you get a direct line of sight to your end goal.
  • No need for technical know-how: The beauty of Funnel Freedom is that it’s designed to be simple. You don’t need to be good at coding or become a tech whizz to use it. The user-friendly interface makes the process straightforward.
  • Affiliate program application: Remember that part about applying for the affiliate program being the hardest part? Funnel Freedom helps simplify this process by guiding you through it.
  • 24/7 support: Yes, you have questions and want answers. Funnel Freedom has around-the-clock support ready to help you whenever you need it.
  • Variety of options: Whether you can afford additional tools or want to use the free versions, there are options for you. Funnel Freedom provides both manual and automated ways to build your set-up.

Key Features of Funnel Freedom

So, let’s look at some of the features that make Funnel Freedom a useful solution for you:

  • Unlimited funnels: You can create as many funnels as you need without any limitations. This removes boundaries to your creativity and growth potential.
  • Unlimited contacts and text contacts: No caps on the number of people you can engage – be it email or text message.
  • Course creation: Do you have knowledge to share? You can create your own course and offer it to your audience.
  • Community building: With Funnel Freedom, you can build communities similar to Facebook groups, allowing you to nurture and engage your audience even more.
  • Website building tools: You can create a WordPress-style website using Funnel Freedom, giving you more control over your online presence.

Now you know some of the features, it’s time to address an essential question.

How Funnel Freedom Goes Beyond Affiliates

Funnel Freedom, although built for affiliates, can cater to various other business needs. Let’s see how it does that:

  • Product businesses: Whether selling physical or digital products, Funnel Freedom allows you to design high-converting sales funnels specifically for your products.
  • Entrepreneurs and startups: Funnel Freedom can help you set up your online presence and get your ideas off the ground if you’re in the early stages of your venture.
  • E-commerce ventures: For those venturing into e-commerce, Funnel Freedom’s tools can help you build optimized, conversion-focused pages to showcase and sell your products.
  • Course creators and coaches: You might be a budding thought leader or an experienced coach with immense knowledge to share. Funnel Freedom can help you create, promote, and sell courses.

What does all of this mean for you? Simply put, Funnel Freedom isn’t just limited to affiliate marketing. It can help you streamline your online journey across various business types and ideas. So, whether you’re deep in the world of affiliate marketing or exploring other business avenues, Funnel Freedom has got your back.

The Potential of Funnel Freedom for Affiliate Marketing

As we begin to wrap things up, let’s talk about the potential Funnel Freedom has for changing affiliate marketing. If you’re in this field, you know how challenging it can be to set things up and get your business going. The complexities of building functional funnels and managing your contacts can often be overwhelming.

That is precisely where Funnel Freedom seeks to make a difference. It simplifies the process of setting up and running an affiliate marketing business, giving you more time for other crucial aspects of your business, such as content creation and strategy planning.

Two key areas make Funnel Freedom stand out: its user-friendly design and its versatility. With its straightforward platform, even if you’re just starting out, you can easily navigate through it, build your funnels, and manage your contacts.

On the other hand, the versatility of Funnel Freedom doesn’t limit you to just affiliate marketing. The platform accommodates various business types, from e-commerce to coaching, making it a long-term partner for all your ventures.

The future of affiliate marketing looks brighter with Funnel Freedom in the picture. Imagine a world where you can focus on what matters – generating content, engaging with your community, and creating meaningful relationships, while a platform like Funnel Freedom takes care of the technical side of things. It’s like having an assistant that never sleeps and always delivers with precision. And that’s the world we’re stepping into with Funnel Freedom.

Final Remarks

So there you have it! As I shared earlier, Funnel Freedom is about simplifying affiliate marketing by making funnel building and contact management smoother and more efficient. It’s about giving you time to build your business, learn new skills, and enjoy your journey.

Isn’t that worth checking out?

Remember, it’s not just about trying new software. It’s about seeing how this tool can enhance your journey and possibly revolutionize the way you’ve been doing affiliate marketing. And who knows – Funnel Freedom could be just the tool you need to take your affiliate marketing venture to greater heights.

So, why not give it a go? Here’s to building a successful affiliate marketing business with less stress and more freedom!

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